What an amazing Day, the sky was crystal clear, azure blue, and visibility from the top of Cero San Luis was 15 miles North and South. We could see Pismo Beach and Morro Bay National Estuary. Its also a great place to view the line of volcanic plugs dubbed the "Seven Sisters", by locals. Geologists however, suggest that there is evidence of at least a dozen or more plugs in this chain.  There are a series of unnamed land forms connecting the peaks. Morro Rock is iconic, even though it's one of the lowest in elevation among the plugs.  Cero San Luis was in rare form, with new vegetation sprouting everywhere. There was also ample evidence of the power of the wind. Several sturdy looking oak trees had been toppled. There was also evidence of land slides, and there were actually waterfalls and cascading water in nearly every ravine on the slopes..