The Girl Scouts visited the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol docks, and were treated to a lesson in knot tying and even got in a little tug-of-rope contest with a couple of officers.  The officers of Morro Bay Harbor Patrol have always been cordial and informative. They allow us to use their docks for marine science  activities,  Belly Biology, and they've taken Delphinus students on harbor cruises. Our students also get some insight into daily operations, including rescue operations.  Its was good to see lots of sea stars today, especially a large purple ochre star. It appears  they may be coming back from their near extinction caused by the viral wasting disease that nearly wiped out the sea star population on the Pacific Coast  The girls were excited about finding sea anemones attached to the dock's undersides, and a couple of male sea lions stopped by the docks. These bulls hang out near the Dockside Restaurant's pier, because of the fishing boats that frequent the spot. The carcasses from fileted rock fish provide readily available munchies for these rather lazy seals.