Estuary Ecology for Young Scientists 2


Estuary Ecology for Young Scientists 2


June 25-29, 2018

Meet at Moro Bay State Park Marina Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

4th - 6th grade 


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Students will explore Morro Bay Estuary from the backbay to the harbor mouth. While learning the importance of estuaries, in sustaining marine life in the open ocean.  

We’ll observe the nesting and parental behavior of local marine birds, and the feeding behavior summer migrants, like Caspian terns, and White Pelicans. We’ll also keep an eye out for predatory birds like falcons, hawks, and osprey that patrol the estuary’s salt marsh, dunes, and its shorelines.  

“Belly Biology” on the docks, is a hands-on activity where students “lay on their bellies” to see and touch marine invertebrates like barnacles, sponge, anemones and mussels attached to the dock’s sides. We’ll also search through giant kelp to look for nudibranchs and other kelp dwelling animals.

We’ll explore the salt marsh and mudflats, to examine the Morro Bay watershed, and see the effects of the constant transport of inland soils on the southern end of the bay. 

Much of our exploration will be from kayaks, allowing us to observe marine life at water level.  We’ll visit an oyster farm, and explore the sand spit dunes and beaches which offers miles of open shoreline for wandering, and scavenger hunts. Well observe the effects of tide cycles on life in the estuary, learn to read tide charts.